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every word contains a feel every smell does it too
share your feels explore fragrance inside you.............always Tarun

Fragrance of freshness

कुछ ख़ुश्बू थी अंजानी सी   इक मस्ती थी मस्तानी सी  जब बारिश में हल्के हल्के टहले थे  वो दोदाने  चमेली के मिट्टी में फैले थे  जो खुश्बू ने दिल जीत लिया  बॅस सनक उठी मस्तानी सी वो खुश्बू थी अंजानी सी   !!!  ( sorry but thats the way i write the smell was of jasmine lying in the mud on a rainy day the fragrance was a mixture of the freshness of wet mud and jasmine and was outstanding .....give it a try ) ........always Tarun

Asus make me jive !!

a phone made for wisdom , a phone made to break laws, a phone made to have a power , the power inside , the power of something beyond clarity,  the power of something beyond connectivity,  the power superior than all , feel the power, only the power inside, ASUS ZENFONE  " find more at : "
एक रोटी न दे सका कोई उस नादान को ,
लेकिन वो तस्वीर लाखों में बिक गई जिसमे
वो भूका बैठा था।
Yes Banking can be fun nowadays just if it gets a new dimension with a designated space for all the daily bills and recharges over the prepaid as well as the postpaid products we have and gives me the freedom to buy anything online with just a simple passwords but with full security and all that can be more fun if comes along................. -always Tarun
for me you are my HEART , for my heart you are a DOVE,
i dont think that i still have to think that you are my LOVE....
...........- .always Tarun
it took me time and all my wisdom to choose you , but every morning says that i cannot afford to loose you (Good Morning).........- always Tarun
ज़िंदगी के सफ़र में चलते जाइएएगा, हर सीढ़ी पर चड़ते जाइएएगा, गर कहीं किसी मुकाम पर कदम लगे थमने , पलट लीजिएगा हमें पाईएएगा......  - always Tarun