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Wake up in the morning, go to office, face all the traffic on my way, calling all customers for orders payments this makes me into a tight schedule with no time for a second to breathe one day all started getting worst i felt like going some crazy or something then i thought why not take a break.

Just checked on a website and  i got a fabulous deal for a hotel at  mussoorie of a good hotel centrally located on MALL road. to visit there i preferred to drive my own car by self , yes it was a fun drive going on a clean highway with my wife and my little hero (MY SON).
the moment i reached there i saw some booking issues with hotel management for which they regarded me with a mountain view room and yes it was a luxury at its best and yes then we went to company garden nearby where there were lot of rides and playing options for my child the whole trip had a price but the smile at my child's face ........…